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I see you offer duo/trio etc. What instruments would be accompanying you?

That’s totally up to you! I regularly work with awesome musicians who each bring their own vibe when combined with guitar and vocals. Whether you’re after female vocals for some sweet harmonies, percussion, sax, keys, violin, or just about any other instrument you can think of – it’s going to lift the vibe.

What if our ceremony is on the beach or in a vineyard away from a power supply?

No worries! I have battery operated PA speakers that require no external power. I use them regularly for exactly this reason. 

Will you learn any new songs for us?

Absolutely! With any of my packages you can choose custom songs for the ceremony and your first dance song if you wish for it to be played live and acoustic.

Can you supply a mic for speeches?

Yep! I bring a spare wireless mic to every job. You can even insist to use it on the dance floor when you just have to sing along to your favourite song!

What happens if you get sick and can’t play?

In the extremely unlikely event that I’m too unwell to perform at the wedding, I’ll reach out to my vast network of insanely talented artists and see who can step in. I'll never leave you without a replacement, and I’ll never pick someone I don’t think can do a stellar job. The 2 times (in 6 years) that I’ve had to do this, the client has been blown away.

Do we need to purchase separate lighting for the dance floor?

No! I include pro lighting with my DJ service. Once the formalities for the night come to an end, I’ll get the venue to dim the lights and I’ll turn on my party lights so the vibe is right for boogying!

What kind of music do you play when you DJ?

That’s totally up to you! When it comes to the DJ set, the reptetoire is endless and I will tailor the set to you and your guests’ taste. I’ll typically get you to send me a list of songs you’d like to hear (and some songs you definitely don’t want to hear!) and you can even send me a playlist (eg. on Spotify) for me to work off. If you don’t want so much input and just want a mix of everything, leave it to me; I have a huge list of proven bangers that I’ll work into the mix.

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