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mazeL Tov!
YoU've FoUnd YoUr gUY...

Chuppah music Melbourne

I specialise in live music that's the perfect fit for your chuppah, cocktail hour, absolutely banging horas, and all the dance floor action. I've got a mix of traditional Jewish tunes, modern Israeli jams, and other Hebrew songs up my sleeve. If you've got a special song you'd love to hear as you walk down the aisle, I'm more than happy to learn and perform it for you.


My job is to enhance the vibe of every part of your simcha, from a sweet and soulful chuppah to igniting the dancefloor! No matter the size of your event or your budget, I can tailor my music services accordingly. Whether you're looking for a more intimate solo/duo performance (great for the chuppah and canapés), the full MazelRock band experience, or my DJ skills to keep the hora and dancefloor grooving, I've got you covered.

I'm genuinely excited about the opportunity to be a part of your simcha. Let's work together to make it an unforgettable celebration!

Hora opTions:

  1. FULLY LIVE BAND: I can perform horas with my band MazelRock

  2. SEMI LIVE: I can sing live over my personally crafted pre-recorded hora medley (a unique service, and it goes HARD!)

(the perfect option for those who aren't using a band, or are on a budget)

FULLy Live bAnd

Semi Live

"Everyone said it was the best horas they have ever seen!"

- Jonathan

"All-in-one... it's a unique service... chuppah, horahs and DJ. So glad we found you!".

- Maya


Solo / Duo / Trio

Ideal for chuppah/canapés or more low key events

MazelRock Duo

Ideal for chuppah/canapés or more low key events

MazelRock Band

Everything you need for horas and the dancefloor

Boi Kallah (Can't Help Falling in Love)Andrew Rozen
Meheira (A Million Dreams)Andrew Rozen
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