Andrew Rozen specialises in live music for chuppahs, canapé sets and horas. He plays traditional Jewish songs as well as modern Israeli & other hebrew songs and will even learn your favourite songs for the aisle. He brings a young, soulful energy to any simcha. Andrew's music services are scalable to your event, whether you'd like him to perform solo/duo (eg. for chuppah and canapés), or with a full band (horas and dance floor). He would love to be a part of your simcha!


Hora options // Andrew can:

Perform with his band

Front a band of your choice

Sing live with a pre-recorded backing track


Mi Bon Siach

Mi Adir


Boi Kallah

Im Eshkachech


Mitachat Lashamayim

Shir La'Ahava/Yachad

Siman Tov

Chusan Kala